The Ultimate Guide to Taiwan Lantern Festival 2020 in Taichung

Taiwan Lantern Festival 2020

The Taiwan Lantern Festival is running into its 31st year this year. This festival is the biggest lantern festival in Taiwan and attracts millions of local and international visitors each year. This year, the festival takes place in Houli, Taichung, where the surrounding forest in Houli meets the dawning lights of the lanterns. The theme […]

Chinese New Year 2020 Taiwan – Best Lunar New Year Shopping Streets

Chinese New Year 2020 Taiwan

Chinese New Year is upon us and revelers from all over the world are busy preparing for the most important festival of the year! Chinese New Year is when families get rid of any bad luck in the past year and welcome good luck in the coming year. In 2020, Taiwan is chalk full of […]

Award Winning Coffee in Taiwan? What You Need to Know

Taiwan Coffee

The history of Taiwanese coffee dates back to the 1600s, when the Dutch from the Netherlands tracked through Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Philipines, and finally arrived in Taiwan. From the Philipines, they brought with them coffee plants and planted the seeds in a few areas of the region. That brief history lesson lets you know one […]

The Ultimate Guide to Taichung Airport

taichung airport

Taichung International Airport, also known as Taichung Airport, is an international airport terminal located in Taichung, Taiwan. The International Air Transport Association (IATA) Taichung Airport Code is RMQ. Previously known as Ching Chuan Kang Flight Terminal or Qingquangang Flight Terminal, it is a military and civilian airport. Taichung Airport address is at No.168, Sec. 1, […]

Top 10 Taichung Tourist Spots

taichung city

You must visit these Taichung Tourist Spots when you travel in Taiwan. Taichung was the center of light industry, producing many low-cost toys, shoes, along with electronic devices in the 1980s. As a result, Taichung Tourist Spots weren’t famous. Today, many tourists visit Taichung City as there are a lot of exciting tourist spots and […]

Airbnb Experiences – Looking for an Alternative?

Airbnb Experiences Alternative Taiwan

We live in world where the proliferation of online resources has opened up endless possibilities for travelers. However, many of you feel stuck with cookie cutter offerings from even the world’s most popular travel portals. While we recognize the tremendous value of service providers such as Airbnb and their Experiences by-product, we’d be remiss to […]

3 Taipei Beach Destinations You Need to Know About

Taipei Beach Destinations

While the spring season is prime for beach days along the northern tip of Taiwan, anytime of the year is a good time to check out the waterfront surrounding Taipei. Sure, the southern end of Taiwan may get most of the press when it comes to ocean scenery, but if you’re staying in Taipei and […]

Is Taiwan Kid Friendly? What You Need to Know


Are you planning a family vacation to Taiwan? Do you have a business trip to the South Asia island state coming up and are thinking about bringing the household along for the ride? Whatever the case may be, you’re headed for the region and wondering if it’s kid safe and friendly. Let’s answer the first […]

What to Look For in a Tour Guide

So you’ve decided to choose a tour guide over a big brand operation, but now comes the next and somewhat tricky part – picking a guide that makes the most sense for your unique needs. As an app that connects international travelers to local guides in Southeast and East Asia we certainly have insight into […]

Local Tour Private Guides vs Tour Operators


Don’t let your tour pass by like a blur Whether visiting Taiwan or Tahiti for the first time, making the most of your trip often involves tour guide services in some shape or form. But in the past, big brand tour operators had a bit of a monopoly in the arena, just like taxi companies […]