Christmas in Taiwan – The Ultimate Guide to Celebrating the Holidays

Christmas in Taiwan

Every December thousands of international travelers hop on Google to search for information about how to celebrate Christmas in Taiwan. The results are underwhelming, littered with expired Facebook event pages, Taiwan government press releases from years ago, and a ton of online forums with users asking the same question to no avail. That is until […]

Christmas in Tainan

Christmas in Tainan

Santa’s helpers (aka Loci Amica staff) are almost done with your guides to celebrating the Holiday season in Taiwan. We’ve covered Christmas “things to do” in Taipei (view here), Kaohsiung (view here), and Taichung (view here). We now move on to the oldest city in Taiwan, one that was once the capital during imperial times […]

Christmas in Taichung

Christmas in Taichung

Image: courtesy of Snowtown That special time of the year is upon us. With Christmas celebrations in Taiwan growing with each passing annum locals, expats, and visitors alike are wondering where to go to immerse themselves in the spirit of the Holidays. We’ve provided our guides to celebrating Christmas in Taipei (here) and Kaohsiung (here) […]

Christmas in Kaohsiung

We just released our guide to celebrating Christmas in Taipei, but as the second most populated city in Taiwan we’d be remiss to leave out Kaohsiung. With Kaohsiung Mayor Han Kuo-yu (韓國瑜) vowing to ramp up an already fast growing tourism sector there are many people coming to town along with Santa for the Holiday […]

Christmas Events in Taipei – 3 Things to Do for the Holidays

Christmas Events in Taipei - Things to Do

The Holidays are upon us. We’ve already provided a guide for how to celebrate Thanksgiving in Taiwan (which launches the festive season) and now it’s time to switch focus to Christmas. Even though only 5 percent of the population actually identifies as Christian, Christmas is a big deal in the island state as hoards of […]