Loci Amica was born from a dedicated team of tech savvy individuals bitten by the wanderlust bug. We connects international travelers to local tour guides in popular destinations in Taiwan.


Loci Amica was founded by globetrotters Sam Huang and Frieda Fung, a husband and wife team who identified a need while traveling through one of their favorite destinations (now home), Taiwan.

As they attempted to navigate through the numerous historical temples, night markets, challenging mountainous terrain, and tumultuous coastlines running from Kenting National Park in the south all the way up and around to the northern tip beyond Taipei, they realized there must be a better way to see and experience it all. Sure, there were nor shortages of resort tour operations from district to district, but it all felt like the typical tourist trappings common across the world. Same schtick, different place.

Instead, they found that the best experiences were the impromptu ones they had after talking to the local people from town to town and city to city. Getting advice from denizens uncovered proverbial hidden gems and unfolded before them a bounty of relatively untapped sights, sounds, flavors, and opportunities to better engage the East Asian state with an intimacy that eluded them in the past. And even when visiting popular destinations, they found that when provided by guidance of (or accompanied by) a local they got to experience it in a whole new and more enchanting way.


From township to township our globetrotting couple collected friends and formed relationships that would help them build an informal network of locals that they could seek out on their return, and refer to for friends and acquaintances also traveling to Taiwan in the months and years to come.

The feverous desire for such engaging experiences was greater than they ever anticipated. Knowing that this demand was far from exclusive to Taiwan, they knew the same opportunity should be afforded to the rest of Asia and eventually around the world. But first, a scalable model would have to be built, and where better to begin than in their newfound home.

Sam and Frieda would quickly connect with likeminded individuals that also boasted talents in a wide variety of web development disciplines to deliver the tour you find before you. By building a database of carefully vetted local guides across Taiwan, the Loci Amica team has been able to develop tours that allows travelers to build custom experiences and connect them locals that will help them fulfill their every desire.

Loci Amica helps you become a traveler, not a tourist. At the same time, Loci Amica provides locals with a sustainable means to earn a living while sharing intimate knowledge about their homeland with global citizens like you.