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“I’ve been to Taipei on business a few times now, and usually wing it when it comes to the weekends. I’ve had a great time, but always felt like I was missing out on the things I really wanted to do. Before my most recent trip I heard about Loci Amica through a friend and downloaded the app while boarding my flight from Honolulu to Taoyuan International. By the time I checked into my hotel I had used the app to arrange a surf trip from the Sheraton Grand to Jinshan Beach (about an hour away) for the weekend.

Not only did my local guide (shout out to Kuan!) beat the traffic to get me there in time for an afternoon wave session, he hooked me up with a local surf shop (shout out to Switchfoot Surf Club!) to score a great deal for the three days I was in town AND was there to scoop me up from my Jinshan accommodations when needed (to go eat, etc.).

Awesome guide, awesome experience, awesome app. Mahalo!"

Marcus M - Honolulu Oahu HI

“I’m no professional photographer but my main goal for my time in Taipei was to snap as many amazing photos as possible. I needed a guide who would not only help me get to the best spots at the best times of day, but who would be patient while I found my shot/s.

Cheng (my guide) was accommodating and even took the initiative to use his phone to capture me in the action. This was a nice surprise given that I’m always behind the lens and never seem to find myself in my own photos. In the end I was able to score some incredible pics and make a new friend. Great all around experience!"

Ken S - Vancouver BC Canada

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