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Download the app, sign up (free), and following a few easy steps to becoming a Loci Amica guide in your area.

Have questions? Of course you do! Below is an FAQ with everything you want to know about becoming a Loci Amica guide.

Yes. Loci Amica will conduct background checks of prospective tour guides that signed up to the platform. Your information is confidential and retained solely to confirm the safety of all using our platform.

No credit check is not required.

All tour guides will go through extensive training in local activities, attractions, history, culture, and cuisine. In addition, tour guides receive continuous education in the english language, Loci Amica culture, and customer service. This is done to ensure the travelers get the best possible experience when they book a tour with Loci Amica.

We have strict requirement for the tour guides to have a valid driver’s license as required by their locale. More details coming soon. Contact us directly in the meantime.

Each guide is required to own and operate their vehicle. Type, make and model can vary. We do require that vehicles complete an annual check to ensure it is operating properly and safely. Also, we require that vehicles be kept in a clean and appealing condition.

It is recommended to travelers using the Loci Amica platform to have his/her own travel insurance before signing up for our platform. As a tour guide, you will have a valid driver’s license along with adequate and up to date automobile insurance.

Yes. Loci Amica and our guides offer many non-vehicle tours. For example, in Taiwan we have city walking tours, night market walking tours, cultural walking tours, hiking eco-tours, and more!

At the moment, Loci Amica does not permit co-hosting. Each host will have his/her own account. However, this is something we are considering. Contact us directly in the meantime if you have further questions about this.

You don’t need to live in one of the four primary Taiwan cities to be a guide. When applying to be a host, if the city you are living in doesn’t appear as one of the selections, please select the city closest to your home address.

Each tour is designed by the guide. Certain tours will include snacks and beverages, such as a local foodie tour. It is up to you, the guide, to include refreshments in the outline for the tour. This can certainly be worked into the price.

The safety and security of both travelers and guides on the Loci Amica platform are of paramount concern. In the highly unlikely event that you feel unsafe at any time with the traveler, you are free to refuse service. Loci Amica will follow up with the member to investigate and if needed, will contact the local authorities.

Yes. Tips are usually presented after a great experience. Travelers/members are more than welcome to tip their guide if they feel the guide provided exceptional service. However, it is not required and we ask that you do not ask it of them.

As of 2019, Loci Amica will charge only an 18% transaction fee of the trips revenue. The rest is yours to keep!

As with any entrepreneurial endeavor, you will want to consult with your local tax professional for more information about how to handle what you earn via the Loci Amica platform. Loci Amica is not responsible for the providing financial advice to guides.

Yes. Guides are allowed to directly communicate with the member before/or after booking. Loci Amica encourages open communication between guides and members.

Loci Amica will contact the guides directly if we require any additional information.

Didn’t find one of your questions above? No problem! Email us directly at or call “Guide Support” directly at +1-778-775-9946. We can walk you through the entire process if need be.

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