Explore Taiwan – Taipei, Taichung, Tainan, Kaohsiung

Loci Amica is headquartered in the Southeast Asian island state of Taiwan. Taiwan is not just a popular tourist destination, it boasts breathtaking land and seascapes from county to county while serving as one of the most adventurous yet culturally enriching destinations on the planet.Nearly five centuries ago Portuguese explorers came upon the island and dubbed it Ilha Formosa , or ”beautiful island”, and their descriptor couldn’t be more apt. The island is canopied by lush green forests and embraced by impossibly alluring sand and cliff-laden coastlines alike.

Throughout you’ll find a seemingly masterplanned mix of Mother Nature imagined and manmade sights and attractions. The island is characterized by deep canyons, expansive mountains, waterfalls, and tropical flora as much as it is villages and bustling cities complete with the arts, culture, cuisine, galleries, temples, markets, and nightlife that come along with them.

Whether you are simply seeking an escape from mundane city life or a place to have a life changing experience, Taiwan is where you need to be. With the right tour guide, your every dream can be realized on this great island state!



Everyone feels at home in Taipei, thanks to the fusion of Japanese, Southeast Asian, European and American (yes, even American) culture within. The historic city is well known for its Taoist temples and night markets along with the National Palace Museum, Museum of World Religions, Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall, and the Taipei 101 super-tall skyscraper, but the natural attractions surrounding the capital city are no slouch either.

From the surreal sulfuric atmosphere of the Beitou Thermal Valley and the 57-hectare Guandu Nature Park reserve to the Shifen waterfall and Yeh Liu Geo Park on the jagged coast, nature lovers will want for naught. Perhaps most notable for this category, is Wulai, a mountainous township in the jungle located about 25 km south of Taipei. There you will discover magnificent waterfalls, river pools, hiking trails and so much more, all of which become much more accessible when with a local guide.

Taipei is also recognized for what may be the most diverse assortment of eateries and watering holes in the world, with themed restaurants, cafes, teahouses, and breweries that cater to every imaginable taste and palate, no matter how wild or discerning. No culinary culture or dish is skipped in this city, so no need to pack a lunch on your excursions! Just let your guide know what you’re in the mood for and they will take you to the best spots to satisfy those desires.


If you’re seeking sun in Taiwan then Taichung is where you need to be. Located on the western side of central Taiwan, Taichung receives the least amount of rain on this island, even though it is ironically well known for the iconic Gaomei Wetlands. Still, the city is the center of Taiwan industry, and is also where you will find the National Museum of Natural Science and the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts along with the collection of historic galleries and temples you come to expect in any metropolis of this fine state.

The city is also home to Taichung Intercontinental Baseball Stadium where Chinese Professional Baseball League games are played, should you be in the mood for nine-innings, footlong hot dogs, and beer. Given the more densified brick and mortar landscape of Taichung, you will want to have a guide at your side to help you discover the secret hotspots that only locals know best.


Traditional culture thrives in Tainan, which is where many travelers go (with guide in tow) for a truly cathartic experience. It’s no surprise that this southwest coast city is home to “must visit” temples, including Grand Matsu Temple, Confucius Temple, God of War Temple, and the City God Temple to name notables. Further enriching experiences can be found upon arrival at Tainan’s National Museum of Taiwanese Literature and the National Museum of Taiwan History. Of course, it’s not all history and spirituality here, as Tainan satisfies guilty pleasures too. Here you will find the art-deco inspired Hayashi department store and the wave of cafes, galleries, fashion boutiques and B&Bs that wonderfully wash over Shennong Street.


Kaohsiung has emerged from industrial hotbed to a contemporary urban landscape that is now best known for its open air cafes, bustling streets, cultural venues, and coastal attractions including Cijin Beach. Beyond the coast there are over a 1000 hectares of near-pristine forests in reach from the city, where tour guided hikes will allow you to uncover gems such as Longevity Mountain and Chai Shan, otherwise known as “Monkey Mountain” which gets its nickname for the abundance of playful Taiwan Macaques that inhabit the area. If you’re at all uneasy about being amongst these somewhat rambunctious rascals yet don’t want to miss out on the experience, going with a Loci Amica guide is the only way to go.


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