Taiwan Rainy Day Activities Taipei

5 Best Rainy Day Activities in Taipei and Around Taiwan

It’s summer in Taiwan, and that means more rain than visitors and travelers care to experience. But unlike with many other destinations around the world, cloudy days do not spoil all the fun, as there are some great ways to bide the time while the sunshine plays hide and seek. Let’s take a look at some activities and attractions that you may not have considered.

5 Fun Activities and Attractions Around Taipei and Taiwan to Help You Escape the Rain

1. Hit the Mall

When you mention shopping in Taiwan most people think of Taipei’s world famous night (and day) markets. While a great selection of goodies and bargains await, the activity is not quite as fun during a torrential downpour. So how are you to spend the shopping portion of your vacation when precipitation is a pain? Visit one or more of Taiwan’s amazing indoor malls! Trade your umbrellas for shopping bags at any one of the following:

2. Spend Time in a Temple

The only attractions more famous that Taiwan’s shopping markets, are the temples. With approximately 15,000 (12,000 registered) geographically dispersed ones to choose from it won’t matter where on the island your accommodations may be. Spending time in one or more of Taiwan’s cultural and spiritual centers will lift your spirits despite the dark clouds outdoors. View our list of the top five temples to visit in Taiwan.

3. Visit Taiwan’s Most Interesting Museums

Does the word “museum” not exactly stoke your flame? We get it, but you can experience engaging history as you weather the storm outside by visiting the most unique museums on the island. Taiwan is blessed with some the world’s most historically, culturally, artistically, and scientifically enriching facilities, with works curated to enthrall all who walk the walls within. There are also some with enough kitsch and character to maintain a wide smile on your face from the moment you step in from the rain. We’re talking everything from 8000-year old artifacts to dinosaur bones and Taiwan’s most famous pastries. View our list of the 5 most interesting museums in Taiwan.

4. Take a Craft Brewery Tour

While you should never drink to drown your sorrows you can certainly escape rainy day doldrums by soaking up the island’s best craft beer without questioning your motives. For the 18+ crowd there’s nary a better way to wait out the weather than a tour of the top craft breweries around Taipei. Once again we’ve already done the homework for you, and listed the best breweries (with tap rooms) in Taiwan right here.

5. Go to the Theater

Summer may be rainy season but it’s also film festival time in Taipei. That said, it doesn’t matter what time of the year you find yourself in a rainy day conundrum in Taiwan as an afternoon or evening at the movies makes a great way to pass the precipitation. Miramar Cinemas, Vie Show Cinemas, and Showtime Cinemas are popular destinations for catching mainstream Hollywood and local films alike. If you’re a fan of art house cinema and foreign films we highly encourage you to check out SPOT Taipei Film House, which is a historical building that has been converted into cafe, book store and theater. For SPOT, be sure to check (at http://www.spot.org.tw) if there are subtitles (applicable to your language) for preferred films.

When the skies do clear, traveling movie buffs are encouraged to take a tour of the top Hollywood film locations found through Taiwan.

Given that you’re looking to stay dry, you’re going to need some help hitting most of the destinations addressed above, and could use a guide to make it more engaging and all flow more efficiently. Learn more about how our app will connect you to local guides and how we can create a custom tour for you and your party, rain or shine.