Read this blog to find out What to Buy in Taiwan

What to Buy in Taiwan

Many people often call Taiwan a “treasure island.” Why is that? Taiwan is a pretty small island, but whatever you can think of off the top of your head, Taiwan produces. For this reason, if you come to Taiwan for a holiday, you must be able to buy something as a souvenir for yourself or […]

A Simple Guide to Omar & Kavalan Whisky from Taiwan

Omar Whisky & Kavalan Whisky

Located in the northeastern part of Taiwan right by the Pacific Ocean, you can find fresh air and clean water in Yilan county. Many locals and overseas visitors come to Yilan for a weekend or a few days to get away from Taipei, the capital city of Taiwan. Here in Yilan, there are beautiful beaches, […]

What You Need to Know About Power Plugs Before Visiting Taiwan

Traveler in Taiwn with iPhone and Macbook

Traveling in the year 2020 is very different compared to the pre-mobile, pre-laptop era. These days, we cannot go without having our mobile phone with us 24/7. Many of our guests ask us whether they can use their iPhone or laptop charger in Taiwan? We want to use this blog to provide answers to the […]

Is It Safe to Travel to Taiwan Now Amidst Coronavirus (Covid-19) Outbreak?

Taiwan safe to visit amidst coronavirus covid-19

Updated: April 3, 2020 Many travelers wanted to know is Taiwan safe to visit in 2020 during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak? We wanted to provide valuable Taiwan Travel Restrictions information for travelers visiting or planning a trip to Taipei, Taichung City, Taoyuan and other parts of Taiwan for pleasure or business during the Coronavirus outbreak. […]

3 Must-Visit Scenic Spots at Taroko National Park

Breathtaking Gorges at the Taroko National Park

Taroko Gorge is one of the top destinations in Taiwan to visit. If you have visited the Grand Canyon in the United States, Taroko Gorge would be equivalent to the Grand Canyon of Taiwan. The sheer gorges of Taroko will take your breath away in an instant. If you are driving from Taichung City, the […]

Taiwanese Chocolates – Tree to Bar Made in Taiwan

As you trek down from the capital city of Taiwan, Taipei, down south to Pingtung County, you will notice the significant change in climate and temperature. About 370km away from Northern Taiwan, Pingtung County is noticeably warmer and more humid, which provides a suitable environment for growing cacao trees. The Tree to Bar concept in […]

The Ultimate Guide to Taiwan Lantern Festival 2020 in Taichung

Taiwan Lantern Festival 2020

The Taiwan Lantern Festival is running into its 31st year this year. This festival is the biggest lantern festival in Taiwan and attracts millions of local and international visitors each year. This year, the festival takes place in Houli, Taichung, where the surrounding forest in Houli meets the dawning lights of the lanterns. The theme […]

Award-Winning Wineries in Taiwan

Wine in Taiwan

Many travelers coming to Taiwan will know Taiwan has some of the best tea plantations in the world. And then there are also coffee farms in Taiwan (check out our blog on award-winning coffee in Taiwan). But very few people know, Taiwan also produces some of the best wine in the world and won various […]

Most Romantic Places in Taiwan to Visit on Valentine’s Day

Romantic Places to Visit in Taiwan

Chinese Valentine’s Day may officially be observed in the summer, but with so many people from around the world visiting Taiwan the occasion is also celebrated island-wide on February the 14th. Then there’s “White Valentine’s Day” (ホワイトデー) on March the 14th, which is borrowed from Japanese culture. You won’t find many people complaining about confusion around […]