Best Hotels in Taichung

Best Hotels in Taichung (for Your Unique Needs)

Visitors often ask our local tour guides for recommendations on the best hotels in Taichung. Here are some of the best hotels recommended by our tour guides, including luxury hotels, boutique hotels, and budget hotels.

Our tour guides rank the best hotels in Taichung based on an analysis of industry awards, hotel star ratings and user ratings. We hope this list will be helpful when you plan your trip to Taichung.

Best Hotels and Accommodations in Taichung Based on Budget, Comfort, and Convenience

Best Hotels in Taichung

Best Luxury Hotels

Our top recommendation: The Splendor Hotel Taichung  

This 5-star hotel is in the heart of Taichung City. It is close to many major tourist spots such as the Calligraphy Greenway, National Museum of Natural Science, National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts. If you are traveling from other cities to Taichung via the High-Speed Rail, Splendor Hotel offers free shuttle buses to pick up and drop off their guests. The Splendor Hotel is within a mall with many shops and groceries, which is very convenient for guests staying at the Splendor Hotel. Below are some of the facilities the hotel offers:

● Four gourmet restaurants

● Live piano performance at the lounge

● Cigar room

● Multifunction halls 

● Sky pool

Other luxury recommendations:

Millennium Hotel Taichung – Close to National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, average price USD200-300 per night

Evergreen Laurel Hotel Taichung – Close to National Museum of Natural Science, average price USD150-250 per night

Lin Hotel Taichung – Close to Mitsukoshi Department Store and the National Taichung Theater, average price USD200-250 per night

Mini Hotel Taichung

Hotels Close to Taichung Train Station

Taichung Train Station serves routes to many major cities in Taiwan. Staying near the Train Station is convenient for travelers who need to catch the train to other cities early the next day. Hotels in this area are usually not expensive and most of the time include breakfast with your stay.

Our top recommendation: Mini Hotels, Taichung

Mini hotels is a stylish hotel close to Taichung Cultural and Creative Industries Park and a 5 min walk to Taichung Train Station. Its rooms are functional, and the hotel provides complimentary breakfasts. Many travellers find this hotel is of good value. The average price is around USD50 per night.

Other popular hotels near Taichung Train Station:

Kiwi Express Hotel Taichung – USD60-80 per night

Chance Hotel Taichung – USD40-60 per night

53 Hotel Taichung – USD60-80 per night

Lai Lai Hotel Taichung – USD70-90 per night

Vip Hotel Taichung – USD40-60 per night

Park City Hotel Taichung – USD60-80 per night

Taichung Box Design hotel – USD40-60 per night

hotel 7 taichung

Hotels close to Fengjia Night Market

If you are into traditional Taiwanese snacks and wish to explore the night market, below are some excellent hotels that are close to the Fengjia Night Market and in the mid-priced range. Fengjia Night Market is the largest night market in Taichung and the originator of many famous Taiwanese snacks. A short walk from your hotel, you will find many traditional foods that will satisfy your cravings.

Our top recommendation: Hotel 7 Taichung

At a reasonable price, you can find all the amenities you need at the Hotel 7 Taichung. It is only a short 9 mins walk to Fengjia Night market. The hotel is modern and trendy, and on the top floor of the hotel, there is a lounge that offers sweeping Taichung city views. The average price for this hotel is around USD80-100 per night.

Other hotel recommendations close to Fengjia Night Market:

Beacon Hotel Taichung – USD69-82 per night

Green Hotel Taichung – USD50-70 per night

Kun Tour Hotel Taichung – USD70-90 per night

Le Parker Hotel Taichung – USD60-90 per night

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