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Taichung to Bunun Aboriginal Village - Arts and Hotsprings Experience Tour
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Taichung to Taiwan Bunun Aboriginal Tribe Tour

The Taiwanese Aboriginal Bunun Tribe lived in the high mountain ranges of Central Taiwan and were hunters and fierce warriors. Come join us on this exciting half-day tour of Luona Village, one of the Bunun Tribe settlement!

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Taichung to Sanyi Hakka Ancient City 1-day Tour

Visit the woodcarving street and tour the incredible Wood Sculpture Museum. Paint a traditional Beijing opera mask, then explore by rail bike the famous attractions scattered throughout Sanyi, such as Sheng-Hsing Train Station, 2nd Time Tunnel.

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From $160.00
Sunset at Gaomei Wetlands
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Ultimate Taichung Day Tour

We will take you to visit the most beautiful buildings and universities in Taiwan. Visit the beautiful red-brick architecture of Miyahara and the stunning street art at Rainbow Village.

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From $105.00
Sun Moon Lake
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Taichung to Sun Moon Lake 1-day Experience Tour

Sun Moon Lake is the most popular attraction in Taiwan. This area is blessed with incredible natural scenery, a plethora of culturally rich temples, shrines, pagodas, and other monuments.

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From $250.00
Wufeng Lin Family
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Taichung to Wufeng Lin Family Residence & Garden Tour

Come with your local, English-speaking guide on a journey through Taiwanese history, discovering one of the country’s most fascinating families. The Wufeng Lin mansion was the official residence of the influential and gifted Lin Family of Wufeng.

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From $60.00
Xinzu Temple in Lukang
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Taichung to Lukang Deep Historic Site Tour

Tour Lukang Deep Historic site, learning about its fascinating history. Lukang was a very important port to the outside world during the reign of the Netherlands and the Qing Dynasty.

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From $169.00
PaoChueh Temple
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Taichung City – The Nostalgic Tour

Get ready to experience Taichung City’s culture and history as well as its incredible sceneries! We will take you to a temple which was built when the Japanese ruled Taiwan, and where many locals and Japanese visitors still visit today.

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From $90.00
Longshan Temple in Taipei
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Taipei Highlights 1-day Tour

Taipei is an international modern city, but at the same time, it is full of history and culture. In this tour, we will explore some historical sites in Taipei, as well as the modern and buzzing side of the City in the evening.

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From $137.50