Taipei Beach Destinations

3 Taipei Beach Destinations You Need to Know About

While the spring season is prime for beach days along the northern tip of Taiwan, anytime of the year is a good time to check out the waterfront surrounding Taipei. Sure, the southern end of Taiwan may get most of the press when it comes to ocean scenery, but if you’re staying in Taipei and don’t want to venture off too far from your accommodations you certainly have some amazing options. And while the opportunities for coastal exploration are boundless when traveling with a local guide, we have narrowed down three “must visit” destinations for fans of sand, saltwater, sun, and all around beach fun.

Top 3 Beaches to Check Out Near Taipei in Taiwan

Fulong Beach

Highlight – Fulong International Sand Sculpture Festival


If you’ve been following our blog thus far then you have already heard about Fulong Beach which is located at Fulong Village in the Gongliao District of New Taipei. Why the prior mentions? Well, natural beauty aside, this 3 km coastal stretch boasts a family friendly festival that draws visitors from all over the world – the Fulong International Sand Sculpture Festival which runs from April to July each year. Even if you don’t make it for the festival, you already know the sand here is prime for castle building of your own, so pick up some buckets and shovels beforehand and get those creative juices flowing.

Waiao Beach

Highlight – Black Sand and Surfing


Waiao Beach, is located in

Baishawan Beach

Highlight – Lounging


Baishawan has some decent surf and sand (the name translates to “White Sand Bay”) but it’s most popular (yet uncrowded) as a place to set up a beach towel and umbrella, grab some snacks/beverages, and chill. It’s such a great spot for hanging out because just a seashell’s throw away you’ll find a bevy of shops and local eateries, including a British fish & chips joint to satisfy any mainland (yet coastal) comfort-food hungry pangs you may be experiencing while visiting Taiwan. There are also many ocean activity rental options (surfing, paddle boarding, etc.) and given the expansive East China Sea to the north Baishawan’s 1 km of white sand can offer some decent beachcombing opportunities when the waves are up and delivering treasures such as sea glass, shells, and more. Otherwise, kick back and enjoy the crystal clear blue waters and work on that tan.

As you can see, we have provided maps to assist you in better grasping the location of these top three beaches in relation to your accommodations, but as with any coastal destination, fun may be at the mercy of the time of the year, weather conditions, and of course traffic. The best way to navigate to/from these beach destinations, whether you want to spread them out throughout your trip, or check them all out on one day, is to have a local guide take you and your party there. As local beachgoers themselves, they will know the best times to go, and may even take you to some “secret spots” should a main beach be a bit too crowded on any given day. Build your custom beach tour in Taiwan today. Book the Tour today to get started – and don’t forget the sunscreen!