Is Taiwan Kid Friendly? What You Need to Know

Are you planning a family vacation to Taiwan? Do you have a business trip to the South Asia island state coming up and are thinking about bringing the household along for the ride? Whatever the case may be, you’re headed for the region and wondering if it’s kid safe and friendly. Let’s answer the first one right away – yes, Taiwan is safe. So much in fact that it’s known for being a welcoming haven for solo female travelers and for the same reasons it’s perfectly safe for family units with children. So what about the latter, is it kid-friendly, or even downright FUN? It absolutely can be, as long as you follow the advice below. Let’s get to it!

Four Ways to Prepare and Make Sure You Enjoy a Kid-Friendly Family Trip to Taiwan

1. Map Out a Stress Free Dining Plan

Nothing can ruin a family trip faster than when kids get hangry. The good news, is that staple foods in Taiwan are based around white rice, noodles, pork, chicken, and beef, so it’s a safe bet for most families, not matter how fickle the kids may be. Still, they may not have your same appreciation for local market foods such as dan bing or gua bao, no matter how delicious. Fret not, because from Kaohsiung to Taipei the state is delightfully riddled with the franchise food chains that your children know and love. Whether their not-so-distinguished palates demand burgers, fries, pizza, chicken fingers, waffles, or even ice cream for breakfast, lunch, or dinner (they are on vacation after all) you won’t have much trouble finding food to satisfy them in all major cities and towns. There are numerous healthy alternatives around every city corner too. Still, do some geographic mapping in relation to your Taiwan accommodations so that you know exactly what eateries to visit soon after arrival.

What about those with dietary restrictions? While most local businesses in the dining and hospitality industry have a decent grasp of conversational english, it’s best not to rely on broken conversation and body language when it comes to inquiring about special dietary requirements. For instance, if your child has a food allergy, make sure that you learn how to explicitly inquire about it (i.e. “is this nut free?”) in Mandarin Chinese. In addition, download a translator app and even carry a food allergy translation card with you for back up should you not have a wireless connection in more rural areas.

In addition, stick to bottled water for consumption, and for cooking when staying in a vacation rental. Even though you may have a tough constitution, kids will be more susceptible to the bacteria found in the local tap water, even if boiled.

2. Fit in Attractions Kids Want to See Too

You may be pretty excited about visiting some of the top temples in Taiwan, along with the state’s famous art galleries and cultural hot spots, but be sure to work in some kid-friendly attractions to keep your young ones enthused. There is certainly no shortage!

Need some ideas? How about the Taipei Zoo, the largest zoo in all of Asia, and is best known (amongst kids) for the Giant Panda House. After a hot day at the zoo, you and the kids can cool off on the waterslides at the Taipei Water Park which is just a 15-minute (no traffic) drive away. Be sure to find yourselves in Taichung as well, where you can check out the National Museum of Natural Science which has plenty for children to marvel at, while learning a few things in the process. Don’t worry, we won’t tell them. Other notable attractions that your kids will love include the following theme parks:

  • Leo foo Village Theme Park and Safari (here)
  • Janfusun Fancyworld (here)
  • E-DA Theme Park (here)
  • Taipei Children’s Amusement Park (here)
  • Farglory Ocean Park (here)
  • Lihpao Land (here)
  • Formosa Fun Coast (here)
  • Yehliu Ocean World (here)

Beyond things you need to get in line and buy tickets for, your kids will also have a blast at Taiwan’s famed night markets where they can spend their hard earned allowance on all sorts of fun toys, games, and knick knacks. You can also take them to the beach, including Cijin Beach in Kaohsiung, Fulong Beach near New Taipei City, or Dawan Beach in Pinging County.

Still want to know if Taiwan is kid-friendly?

3. Fit in Kid-Friendly Festivals and Events

No matter the time of the year your family is traveling to Taiwan, there will be an annual event/festival that your kids will also enjoy. Let’s consider our recent list of the Top 5 Annual Events in Taiwan. Within you will find a world class fireworks festival, lantern festival, and a hot air balloon festival that will blow them away (literally, when they take a ride). There is also the annual Fulong International Sand Sculpture Festival which runs all the way from April to July along the expansive 3 km golden sand beach between Yanliao and Fulong on the Northeast Coast.

4. Find a Local (and Kid Friendly) Guide

The last thing you want to contend with when you have children in tow in Taiwan, is directions. Taiwan may be an island, but it’s a big one, lined with numerous paths, roads, and highways that may or may not lead to the activities and attractions that we’ve lightly touched on above, and so much more. We don’t suggested attempting to navigate it all on your own. Instead, connect with a local driver-guide and create custom excursions and experiences that your whole traveling household will enjoy from the comforts of their family accommodating vehicle/s. That way you and your kids can kick back and soak it all in together, and enjoy quality time that will form lasting memories. Loci Amica was founded by a family unit, and as such the app has been developed for the sake of individuals, friends, and families all the same. Click here to view all the exciting Taiwan Tours today to connect your family to a local guide in Taiwan.