Airbnb Experiences Alternative Taiwan

Airbnb Experiences – Looking for an Alternative?

We live in world where the proliferation of online resources has opened up endless possibilities for travelers. However, many of you feel stuck with cookie cutter offerings from even the world’s most popular travel portals. While we recognize the tremendous value of service providers such as Airbnb and their Experiences by-product, we’d be remiss to not remind travelers that there may be greater options, those that better cater to their needs as unique individuals who want to get more out of their dollar. Today, we’re going to take a look at why you will want to consider Loci Amica when it comes to enjoying a truly customized experience in Taiwan.

Two Big Reasons to Consider a More Customized Tour of Taiwan Over Fixed Airbnb Experiences

You Get to Enjoy Your Version of an Experience, Not Theirs

A recent article by PhocusWire, one of the most respected travel research authorities in the world, looked at Airbnb Experiences to discover whether or not it’s fulfilling exactly what the globetrotting public is really looking for. The following quote offers a succinct take on the matter:

“Sure, many people are interested in cooking classes and the like, but travelers also prioritize seeing a destination’s highlights, like the Eiffel Tower and major museums. Airbnb has essentially positioned itself against these kinds of experiences, potentially boxing itself in a corner. The company will need to walk a fine line between staying on-brand while broadening its offerings to appeal to more travelers.” (

Therein lies the issue with Experiences. While it’s great for travelers who, for a lack of better words, like to be told what to do, it is not appropriate to those who know what they want but need help getting there along with some local support to better immerse themselves into a community and culture. With Loci Amica, you can build your own experience and call the shots, while your local guide is there to make it seamless. Want to take a few more moments to stop and smell the cherry blossoms or snap two dozen photos of a famous landmark? You guide will patiently wait while you do. Want to combine a pair of vastly different destinations into one experience? No problem. For instance you can transition a Taiwanese temple visit into a beach day if that’s what you want to do. With Airbnb Experiences, it’s pretty much one or the other, assuming that either niche is available on the platform when you’re planning your trip. Keep reading.

Tours Based on Your Availability

With Airbnb Experiences your trip plans are at the mercy of host availability. For starters, a preferred experiences/activity has to actually be on offer on Airbnb Experiences for Taiwan. Then, you have to be concerned about whether or not the host who is offering the Experience is available on your preferred day/s. There’s a lot that needs to align to make it convenient for you. With Loci Amica – you’ll have access to a wide number of local guides who are familiar with the cities, towns, communities, villages, activities, attractions, and events you want to visit, experience, and participate in. Loci Amica tours are based upon your availability – not someone else’s.

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