Romantic Places to Visit in Taiwan

Most Romantic Places in Taiwan to Visit on Valentine’s Day

Chinese Valentine’s Day may officially be observed in the summer, but with so many people from around the world visiting Taiwan the occasion is also celebrated island-wide on February the 14th. Then there’s “White Valentine’s Day” (ホワイトデー) on March the 14th, which is borrowed from Japanese culture. You won’t find many people complaining about confusion around the Valentine’s Day concept however – after all, there’s no such thing as too much amore! If you happen to be here with your loved one and are looking for more than a fancy restaurant to recognize the special day (or any day for that matter) we encourage you to read ahead.

5 Romantic Places for Couples to Visit on Valentine’s Day and Beyond

Lover’s Bridge (aka Tamsui Lover’s Bridge)

No. 199, Guanhai Road, Tamsui District, New Taipei City, Taiwan 251

image: Wiki Commons

No list of romantic places in Taiwan is complete without this obvious but no less important attraction. Lover’s Bridge is located at Tamsui Fisherman’s Wharf in New Taipei City. It’s a beautiful landmark that bears the shape of a sailing ship mast and rigging pointed up towards the heavens. At night there are lamps lining the bridge to create quite the sight, but be sure to arrive in time for sunset as the scene is about as romantic as a manmade attraction can get. The most popular spot for lovers to take photos is found at the cursive LOVE sculpture which is tucked into a colorful flower garden, so be sure to bring your selfie stick.

Lengshuikeng Hot Springs

Yangmingshan National Park

image: Wiki Commons

While there are many hot springs throughout Taiwan, including those that may offer more peace and quiet (read: romantic) we know that convenience is also important to most couples. Nothing can stifle passion faster than too much time in traffic followed by a strenuous hike. This hot spring is located just north of Taipei in Yangmingshan National Park, and is affectionally known as “Milk Lake” because of the mild alkaline sulfur that blends exquisitely into the springs to deliver a milky if not pearly (with a touch of turquoise) appearance. After relaxing together in Lengshuikeng Hot Springs’ soothing 40°C embrace you can take some time to explore one of the top national parks in all of Taiwan.

Walk Among Cherry Blossoms

Yangmingshan National Park

Romantic Taiwan

Looks like we’re feeding two birds with one scone (the PETA-friendly take on a barbaric expression) by sending you to Yangmingshan National Park. In addition to sexy hot springs, the natural national treasure blooms bright with cherry blossoms in late January through to early March, which is coincidentally just in time for both “Western” Valentine’s Day (February 14th) and Japanese White Valentine’s Day (March 14th). What better way to spend an afternoon with your beloved than walking together hand-in-hand among the blossoms, taking photos to commemorate the occasion along your path?

Lover’s Lock at Rainbow Bridge

Keelung River, Songshan District, Taipei

The timeless (err…Millennial) act of placing an inscribed lover’s lock along a waterfront gateway can be realized at Rainbow Bridge in the Songshan District of Taipei. This bridge may not be as breathtaking as Lover’s Bridge above, but it’s convenient and a “must do” for many visiting couples due to the aforementioned padlocks and giant LOVE lettered effigy in addition to other illuminated (in the evening) waterfront sculptures.

See Monkeys With Your Love Monkey

Kushan District, Kaohsiung

Romantic Places in Taiwan

Does “love monkey” count among the affectionate nicknames you have for one another? Even if not, couples will absolutely enjoy a fun day together amongst Taiwan’s cutest and most playful residents – the Formosan rock macaque in the Gushan District of Kaohsiung. While Valentine’s may be a more passionate time of the year for you, mating season is officially over for the Formosan rock macaque in January so you won’t have to worry about disrupting amorous behavior. View our complete travel guide to Monkey Mountain.

While the thought of a “third wheel” may not sound all that appealing for your romantic escapades, the prospecting of getting lost puts a much bigger damper on your adventures. Instead, have a local guide take you to some of the above attractions. You can get dropped off, given plenty of space to be alone together, and picked up when you’re ready to return to your accommodations. Click here to view all the exciting Taiwan Tours.