Chinese New Year 2020 Taiwan

Chinese New Year 2020 Taiwan – Best Lunar New Year Shopping Streets

Chinese New Year is upon us and revelers from all over the world are busy preparing for the most important festival of the year! Chinese New Year is when families get rid of any bad luck in the past year and welcome good luck in the coming year. In 2020, Taiwan is chalk full of traditional activities and festivities for you to explore. And of course, there is no lack of shopping, which goes hand in hand with this festive period. If you happen to be in Taiwan before and during Chinese New Year, we have compiled a list of the best shopping streets to check out and spend some of that hard-earned (or gifted) dough. The following destinations offer everything from fashion and souvenirs to great food and delectable treats.

Where You Need to Go for Chinese New Year Shopping in Taipei and Around Taiwan

Dihua Street – Chinese New Year Shopping Street Taipei

Dihua Street is full of historical buildings dated back to the 19th century when the British were here to set up trading posts. The street was buzzing with shops, and it was a significant economic hub in Taipei. Every year before the Lunar New Year, Taiwanese locals come to Dihua Street to purchase traditional snacks and other festive goodies in preparation for the Lunar New Year day. This street is a must-go when you are in Taipei during Chinese New Year as it gives you an idea of how important this festival is to every Taiwanese.

You will find everything from Chinese herbs, Chinese New Year decorations to traditional new year snacks. By the time you finish walking down Dihua Street, your stomach will be so full as the shop owners generously let you try out their food and snacks. Free tasting samples are everywhere on the street! Don’t forget to admire the historical buildings during your visit to Dihua Street. You will feel that you went back in time to the 19th century in Taipei. The Chinese New Year Shopping Street on Dihua runs from Jan 10 until Jan 23, 2020.

Address: Section 1, Dihua Street, Datong District, Taipei City

Tianjin Street – Chinese New Year Shopping Street Taichung

The Tianjin Chinese New Year Shopping Street in Taichung is the place where you will not want to miss during your stay in Taichung city. Even from far away, you will see all the bright red signs and hear the buzzing noise from the street that attracts millions of local Taiwanese each year during the two weeks leading up to Chinese New Year. Taichung locals shop, eat and do their Chinese New Year shopping here.

In addition to the many traditional local snacks that you can find on Tianjin Road, there are also clothing and shoe shops offering discounts to shoppers who like to buy new clothes and shoes for Chinese New Year. There are also many performances for you to enjoy while you are there shopping and tasting local food. Feel the New Year atmosphere while you are at the Tianjin Shopping Street!

Address: Section 2, Tianjin Road, North District, Taichung City

Sanfong Central Street – Chinese New Year Shopping Street Kaohsiung

Local Taiwanese often compare Dihua Chinese New Year Shopping Street in Taipei to Sanfong Central Chinese New Year Shopping street in Kaohsiung, Taiwan’s southern city. The length of the shopping street is about 400 meters long. Sanfong Central Street has a history of over one hundred years. At that time, there was a river near Sanfong Central Street. People were able to transport goods from overseas by boat to the area of Sanfong Central Street.

As a result, many shop owners set up stalls and shops to sell these goods, and Sanfong Central Street became a huge market. Every year during the weeks leading up to Lunar New Year, many locals from Kaohsiung come and purchase their goodies, from Chinese herbs to snacks to red envelopes to decorations and more. Because of the shopping street’s popularity, the government organizes free shuttle buses from different areas in Kaohsiung city to Sanfong Central Street.

Address: Sanfong Central St, Sanmin District, Kaohsiung City

If you are visiting Taiwan during Chinese New Year in 2020 and would like a local guide to make your experience even more unique, be sure to book a tour with one of our friendly locals.