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Fireworks in Taiwan – Where and When to See Them

The New Year is upon us and that sparks a buzz in those who appreciate a grand fireworks show. The good news, is that there is nary a better place in the world to bask in the glory of professional pyrotechnics than right here in Taiwan. Even better, is that fireworks are used in many celebrations throughout the island so that no matter the time of the year you arrive there is a good chance that you can enjoy them. Today Loci Amica is here with a list of the top four.

Four Annual Events and Places to Enjoy Fireworks When in Taiwan

1. Taipei 101 Fireworks Show – New Year’s Eve

Fireworks in Taiwan Taipei 101

Taipei 101 is one of the tallest buildings in the world, making it a magnificent candidate for a New Year’s Eve fireworks show, which is what it has been doing to great acclaim for the last decade and a half. Somehow the pyrotechnics team behind the annual affair has managed to up their game with each passing NYE, even though they have admirably cut back on the actual number of fireworks used in an effort to reduce their carbon footprint. To make this happen without negatively impacting aesthetics, the team has strategically integrated a 55-story-tall mesh screen compromised of approximately 140,000 LED lights.

While purists may balk at this adjustment, we can say for certain that it has added to the magical visuals of the event. Factor in a symphony of digital animations, music, the main attraction (fireworks) and 1,670 feet of skyscraper splendor and you’ve got one of the most incredible fireworks displays on the planet. By the time you read this (any year) tickets to be a guest at the official Taipei 101 NYE fireworks party will have sold out, and while you can join the crowd around Xinyi Road we suggest that you connect to a local guide who knows the best and stress-free (read: uncrowded) places to watch and take amazing pictures of this NYE event.

2. Yanshui Fireworks “Beehive” Festival, Tainan – 14th and 15th day (February) of Lunar New Year

Annual Events in Taiwan

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This one also made our list of the top 5 annual events in Taiwan. The buzz around the Beehive festival is rightly earned as it boasts what is deemed by most to be the biggest and best fireworks display on Earth. The event is not just about putting on a good show mind you, as it is considered to deliver the Taiwanese people (and visitors) with much needed “baptism of fireworks”, ridding attendees of calamity, misfortune, and malicious influences while promising good fortune for the next twelve months to come. No matter how you look at it, this is a can’t miss fireworks show as it’s a feast for your eyes in addition to your mind, body, and soul.

3. Penghu International Ocean Fireworks Festival – Late Spring (April and May) / Early Summer (June)

Fireworks in Taiwan Pengu

2023 will mark a two-decade anniversary for this annual fireworks show in Taiwan, and it has become a major tourist attraction for the Penghu County island chain in the late spring and early summer months. The festival runs from April through to June so you have a pretty wide open window to catch one or more of the displays. Each year the exact show dates and times are announced by Penghu County Government, but locations include the Penghu sea wall, Xiying Rainbow Bridge, Guanyin Ting Park, and Magong City. There are several ferry services from ports in central and southern Taiwan to Penghu but you should plan on enjoying a couple of days on the island as an 8-hour return boat ride to see fireworks is only for diehard fans of pyrotechnics.

Taipei Dadaocheng Fireworks Festival – Chinese Valentine’s Day (August)

Fireworks in Taiwan Taipei

This fireworks festival takes place each year in the old Taipei neighborhood of Dadaocheng at Yanping Riverside Park on Valentine’s Day. But before you book your tickets to coincide with mid-February, take note that Chinese Valentine’s Day is observed in August, with the 2020 edition landing on August 25th. That means love is in the summer air for the entire two day run of music and performances which are followed by a fireworks show to cap off the entire affair. Whether you plan on going with a loved one, or an entire party, this fireworks festival pairs best with a local guide who will help you navigate through Dadaocheng and find the best place to enjoy the event.

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