Christmas in Taiwan

Christmas in Taiwan – The Ultimate Guide to Celebrating the Holidays

Every December thousands of international travelers hop on Google to search for information about how to celebrate Christmas in Taiwan. The results are underwhelming, littered with expired Facebook event pages, Taiwan government press releases from years ago, and a ton of online forums with users asking the same question to no avail. That is until now. Loci Amica is here with a succinct guide to ringing in the Holiday season when visiting the island state. Let’s get to it.

City by City Guide to Celebrating Christmas and the Holiday Season in Taiwan

Christmas in Taipei

Given that Taipei is the biggest and most populated area of Taiwan, the most popular Holiday season events are found here. For one, you’ve got month-long Christmasland in the Banqiao District of New Taipei City Plaza, which is pretty much synonymous with Christmas in Taiwan. If you can visit only one place on this list then Christmasland is it. Beyond that, you’ve also got Christmas shopping and cinema in the Xinyi District, followed by a more quaint but most heartwarming experience – a walking tour of Ji-Qing Christmas Alley. View more on these top Christmas events in Taipei.

Christmas in Kaohsiung

The second most populated city in Taiwan also beckons visitors into its southern fold at this special time of the year with a diverse offering to provide a little something for everyone. For one small scale event you’ll want to bring a big appetite because famed German Kitchen in the Buoying District is the go-to place for traditional Christmas dinner and drinks which is served through most of December. Those who have a romantic vision of the Holidays will enjoy a Christmas cruise on Love River (aka Kaohsiung River) which conveniently runs through Kaohsiung City Center. Alternatively, if you embrace the Holiday season hoopla found at mega-malls and amusement parks then we suggest a day trip to the largest shopping center in all of Taiwan – Dream Mall in the Qianzhen District, where in addition to BIG retail you’ll enjoy lights, decorations, displays, and even fake snow! View more on the top Christmas destinations in Kaohsiung.

Christmas in Taichung

Located along the central west coast of Taiwan, Taichung encourages visitors to explore the island more during the Holidays. One big draw in December is the National Taichung Theater which during the season is transformed into a Christmas wonderland, including decorative lights, music, and variety of other performances. While not inherently “Christmas”, there’s also the Taiwan Lantern Festival in Taichung which is an annual event which runs in December that can’t help but feel festive to visitors. Lastly, we suggest a visit to Mitsui Outlet Park in Taichung Harbor for some shopping capped off by an afternoon or early evening at an indoor skiing (yes, skiing!) and snow village known as Snowtown. View more on the top Christmas activities in Taichung.

Christmas in Tainan

Tainan is another popular city to visit in Taiwan, and boasts some very special Holiday season events that we consider to be “can’t miss” experiences. Given the rich history of Tainan, it’s no surprise to find that its Christmas Light Festival takes visitors on a tour of the most historically significant destinations in the grand city. Tainan also lays claim to one of the most sought after Christmas dinner tickets on the island at the Shangri-La Far Eastern Plaza Hotel’s three upscale eateries, complete with Christmas carols performed by the local Bethlehem Foundation. Then there’s Christmas at Chimei Museum, which hosts a themed Holiday season event each December, including a dinner and dancing affair, a Christmas market, and other surprises. View more on the top Christmas activities in Tainan.

Custom Christmas Experience With a Loci Amica Local Guide

While the Christmas events and celebrations in the four cities above certainly offer more than most people could dream of, you may have something else in mind. If you prefer a more customized Holiday season affair for your December trip to Taiwan, you can build the ultimate experience with a local guide. Whether traditional or modern, adventurous or laid back, photo or food-based, your Christmas in Taiwan will be made more special when you connect to Loci Amica.  If you have any additional questions about how our local guides can make your Holiday season in Taiwan shine even brighter, simply contact us today at