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Ocean Attractions in Taiwan

World Oceans Day 2019 is upon us (June 8) but no matter when you find this article it applies to ocean lovers visiting our state all the same. If you’re in Taiwan and you have a penchant for all things connected to the great blue sea, read ahead for a seaworthy itinerary of things to do.

5 Can’t Miss Parks and Attractions for Ocean Lovers to See When Visiting Taiwan

1. Farglory Ocean Park

Found along the eastern coast of Taiwan between the Ji’an and Shoufeng Townships is Farglory Ocean Park, an ocean themed amusement park by the sea that has been designed in the same saltwater vein as a 19th century British pier and marine carnival. There are eight theme park rides on site, and the facility also hosts a number of dolphin and sea lion shows. In addition, Farglory dives into more educational experiences, with a Marine Mammal Ecology Classroom, but never forgets to deliver good times for the younger crowd, with a Beyond the Sea Magic Show and more. While some purists aren’t big fans of amusement parks, take note that this park is the only one of its kind located inside a national park area, making it feel far less artificial than counterparts around Asia or the rest of the world for that matter.

2. Yehliu Ocean World

Located in the Wanli District of New Taipei City, is the conveniently located coastal marine theme park which features a good number of aquarium exhibits along with popular dolphin and sea lion shows. It’s a modest theme park by some standards, but it’s the first in Taiwan, giving it some historical significance. Better yet, the facility and oceanarium does a great job of educating visitors about the diversity of marine species found along and within the seas surrounding Taiwan, while also touching on the interconnectedness with sea life that inhabits the waters of the world.

This seaside attraction is also situated beside Yehliu Geopark, which is best known for the mushroom rock formations that stand with an impeccable ocean view behind them, along with fossilized sand dollars and other “frozen in time” relics from the nearby reef. You can plan an entire day around this collective (Yehliu Ocean Park and Geopark) coastal excursion.

3. Kenting National Park Dive Sites

Is there a more immersive (literally) activity/attraction for ocean lovers than scuba diving? Taiwan’s coastal circumference offers world class diving thanks to its unique location along the Pacific Ring of Fire which boasts warmer water temperatures and a subsequently greater variety of sea life species. While there are many dive sites, some of which are featured in our recent article about the best water sports in Taiwan, those found off of Kenting National Park are most popular. This southern Taiwan diving destination delivers participants over one thousand marine species and almost a hundred species of coral. Among an aquarium bounty of fish and saltwater creatures you may get to spy a rare (yet not that rare) swordfish and even a humpback or two whale during migration season.

4. National Museum of Marine Biology & Aquarium

Located to the far south of Taiwan in the Checheng Township of Pingtung County is one attraction that will get those fascinated about the science behind the sea salivating with anticipation. Not so coincidentally, this attraction also made our top 5 list of the most interesting museums in Taiwan due to its wealth of both permanent and special exhibits, a waterpark, and truly immersive visitor programs that offer engaging “hands on” experiences regarding the sea life surrounding the island state. Part aquarium, part museum, and all FUN, this marine biology center is a true wonder for those who love the sea.

5. Fufudingshan Shell and Coral Temple

We’re stepping outside of the box with this one (it’s what we do). What does a religious temple have to do with attractions for ocean lovers? Typically, not much, but there’s nothing typical about the Fufudingshan Shell and Coral Temple which is also named on our list of the best temples to visit in Taiwan. Of course, the name of the spiritual site gives away its relevance to today’s topic, and it’s exactly as it sounds. Constructed entirely from seashells and coral collected from Taiwanese coastlines many decades ago, it feels as if you are walking (floating) through an underwater palace. It’s also located near Laomei Green Reef, Fuguijiao Lighthouse, and Baishawan Beach, so when you get your fill of culture you can head to more common oceanfront enjoyment.

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If you’re unfamiliar with Taiwan and would like help from someone who has in-depth knowledge of the oceanic attractions (and their locations) listed above, Book the tour and connect to a local guide.