Taichung Jazz Festival

Visit Taichung Jazz Festival when you are in Taichung

The annual Taichung Jazz Festival draws visitors from all over Taiwan and abroad, 2019 is no exception. Besides visiting the usual Taichung Tourist Spots, if you are visiting Taichung in October, be sure to check out the Jazz Festival.

What is Taichung Jazz Festival?

Every year in October, Taichung City hosts the Jazz Festival. Since 2003, Jazz music lovers in Taichung and all over Taiwan gather in front of the stages and enjoy ten days of high-quality Jazz music. Taichung Internation Jazz Festival gathers top-notch musicians from all over the world to showcase their different Jazz music. Besides world-renowned musicians, the festival also provides a stage for talented local musicians and the youth jazz band to perform.

Why visit the Jazz Festival?

The festival is not only for Jazz lovers but for the whole family to enjoy. Parents bring a picnic blanket, food and drinks, and their kids to the vast grass area in front of the main stage in the Civic Square as well as the second stage in the Calligraphy Greenway. There is no lack of food and entertainment for families in the event, as there are plenty of food stalls, street entertainers all around the event area. The food stalls sell a lot of innovative foods just like you would find at a night market. Besides food stalls, there are also street vendors selling local Taiwanese hand-made products and goods. Outdoor pubs and beer gardens near the Main Stage are for music fans who need a drink or two in between the performances.

Where is the Festival held?

In addition to the two main venues located in the most bustling place in Taichung City (Civic Square and Calligraphy Greenway), Taichung residents and music lovers can enjoy music from the festival at other sub-venues farther away from the center of the city like in Fengyuan District and Wufeng District. There are over 50 performances during the 10-day event for Jazz lovers to enjoy. All of this is free admission, and provides a great attraction for visitors visiting Taichung in October!

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