What to Do in Taiwan During Autumn

What to Do in Taiwan During Autumn

There is not as dramatic of a difference in seasonal weather in Taiwan as there is in many other popular East and South East Asian travel destinations. That said, our island does have both quirks and opportunities which come with the passing of the seasons. Given that we’re at the tail end of the summer now is a good time to look at autumn. If you’re set to arrive in Taiwan in the fall we have some advice to help you all make the most out of your time.

5 Things to Do When Visiting Taiwan in the Fall / Autumn Season

1. “Just in Case” Rainy Day Itinerary (Early Autumn)

Summer is typhoon season in Taiwan, and technically it runs from June through to October. That means some of the rain may spill over into your early autumn arrival (where applicable). Just in case it does, be sure to have a rainy day agenda. Don’t worry, we got you covered better than an umbrella as we have already put together our list of the top five rainy day activities in Taiwan which you can find here.

2. See the Island by Bike

Like much of the world (Australia and a few others aside) autumn here is a September to November affair. The weather in Taiwan is prime at this time of the year – pleasantly cooler and drier than the scorching hot and humid days of summer. But when we say “cooler” please note that it’s still nice and warm. Think tropical oasis. Because of this you’re going to want to spend a lot of time outdoors exploring the natural sights and sounds of the island, and there is nary a better way to do this than via a two-wheeled companion. That’s right, a cycled excursion of breathtaking natural attractions is the way to go in the autumn. Be sure to check out our list of the top three “must experience” cycling routes around Taiwan’s national parks, right here.

3. Get a Head Start on Holiday Season Shopping at Our World Famous Night Markets

Too soon? What, you were going to wait until autumn was over to start your Holiday season shopping?! Of course not, so take advantage of the fact that you’re in the place with the best collection of night markets on the planet just weeks before the festive season. The news gets even better when you find that there are world class markets located all over the island, including right by the airport (Zhongli Tourist Night Market) so you can get started after leaving baggage claim. And even though there is a night market close to wherever you’re staying, be sure to visit Taichung’s Fengjia Night Market. This market boasts approximately 15,000 shops, restaurants, and stalls which are all bustling with activity during the favorable weather or autumn. Just be sure to memorize our guide on how to bargain at the local markets first.

4. Hang With Some Monkeys

October, which coincides with the beginning of autumn, marks the beginning of Formosan rock macaque mating season. The Formosan rock macaque is the monkey that you see on every Taiwan adventure-travel brochure, and while you may assume that mating season is when they prefer some privacy, it’s actually a good time to hang out among them – from a reasonable distance of course. This is because they are more social amongst one another when mating becomes a priority – not unlike their human counterparts. But instead of flooding local nightclubs and online chatrooms these primates are found out and mingling even more in the zone they’re most known to frequent all year long – Monkey Mountain in Kaohsiung. Here’s what you need to know before you go.

5. “Can’t Miss” Autumn Events

Admittedly, none of the top 5 annual events in Taiwan include an autumn affair, but that does not mean that the season doesn’t have a lot to offer when it comes to an event schedule. One “can’t miss” event in the autumn (October) is the Taiwan LGBT Pride Parade which is the largest pride event in all of Asia, and an example of how Taiwan is the most LGBT friendly place in the region. Check October dates for Taiwan LGBT Pride Week at formosapride.com/en. Another must-attend autumn event is the Taichung Jazz Festival which runs for nine days each October (Oct 11-20 2019) in the West District. Another intriguing event, especially for fans of art and culture, is the Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival and Awards which is typically held in November (view schedule at http://www.goldenhorse.org.tw). If you’re a fan of cinema and happen to miss the film festival, you’ll be pleased to find that autumn weather is also great for hitting these must-visit Hollywood film locations in Taiwan.

Again, autumn is a great time to visit Taiwan and your experiences will be even better with a local guide at your side. Learn more about how the Loci Amica app works and feel free to contact us today at info@lociamica.com about how to connect to a local guide.