Taiwan Surf Spots - Best Surfing Near Taipei

Best Surf Spots Near Taipei and Around Taiwan

Among the top water sports in Taiwan, one is growing in popularity faster than any other, especially now that it has been included in the 2020 Summer Olympics – surfing. Not only are locals catching the literal and proverbial wave, people from all over Asia and the world are island hopping to Taiwan to take advantage of the swell-rich eastern coastline. Today we lay out the top five surf spots that are relatively near Taipei (for your convenience) and will accommodate wave riders of all skill levels, beginners included.

Top 5 Surf Spots Around Taipei and Taiwan

Jinzun Harbor, Taitung County

Jinzun Harbor in Taitung County is one of the more consistent surf spots. It receives the brunt of the swell that makes its way from the Pacific through the Philippine Sea. This consistency is what makes it prime for the Taiwan Open of Surfing, which runs at the end of every November. If you can plan your trip around this time you’ll enjoy a lot more activity than usual, with local area bars packed with World Qualifying Series (QS) surfers, sponsors, promo teams, fellow fans, and more. That said, anytime of the year is a good time to check out Jinzun and there are surf shops, rental facilities, instructors, and great post-surf eateries at your disposal.

Fulong Beach, New Taipei City 

As one of the top 3 best beach destinations in Taipei, this convenient beach may be best known for the annual Fulong International Sand Sculpture Festival but the waves that deliver perfect sand also sculpt great waves. From early November to early March.the wave here is long and fruitful, and best suited to the more experienced although casual surfers and intermediates can pick off smaller rides on the inside. There are waves all year long, but they tend to accommodate beginners in the summer. There is a surf shop nearby, but if you’re picky about boards you may want to bring your own or score one from Tiger Surf Shop in Taipei City.

Waiao Beach, Yilan

Waiao Beach is a proper “surf town” with surf shops/stalls, surf themed eateries, and surf themed accommodations including Wushih Surf Hostel and Surfer Inn. That’s a lot of surf! Of course, the waves help keep the black sand beach true to its reputation with long-lasting swell that pays dividends all year long. The break is good for people of all skill levels, which can make it a bit crowded but it’s worth the hour (or more) drive from Taipei because Waiao offers the full throttle experience.

Donghe, Tailing

Donghe may be considered a “secret spot” because the rock laden topography prevents it from being a beach, but the swell that arrives here makes it a grand surfing destination for more talented wave riders. North-East Monsoons deliver big waves from October through to March so bring your big guns and a lot of gumption. This place isn’t for the faint of heart, which is what makes it so attractive to advanced surfers.

Jialeshui, Pingtung

Jialeshui isn’t exactly close to Taipei (6 hours or so) so it’s more for those staying on the Southern tip of the island and is located near one of the top national parks in TaiwanKenting National Park. But what Jialeshui lacks in convenience (for those staying around Taipei) it makes up for in adventure for beginners and intermediates. It’s a rocky beach, which keeps typical tourists at bay, but given its Southern proximity the waves here are generally smaller which makes is far less threatening for those unaccustomed to big waves and strong current.

Make your surf trip experience a more memorable one by having a local guide take you to the beaches above and perhaps a few secret spots too! Book the tour to get started.