What to Bring to Taiwan - What to Pack for Taipei

What to Bring to Taiwan

Is your trip to Taiwan already booked? Sweet! You’re in for a great time no matter the time of year you’re coming here. But now you’re wondering exactly what to pack into your luggage and carry-on beyond the undies and other essentials. Honestly, with hundreds of day and night markets on the islands you honestly don’t need to worry about much. For instance, Taichung’s Fengjia Night Market boasts nearly 15,000 shops and stalls. Factor in the monolithic shopping malls  of Taipei and you can basically pick up whatever you need. That said, it doesn’t hurt to be prepared when heading to any foreign land so below we have detailed a few things you may want to bring along for the ride.

5 Things to Pack When Traveling to Taichung, Tainan, Taipei, Kaohsiung or Anywhere in Taiwan for the First Time

1. Some TWD NT$ in Your Wallet

The Taiwanese Dollar (referred to as TWD or NT$) is the official currency of Taiwan. Other currencies such as the USD, CAD, Euro, Yen, and even Renminbi (official currency of the People’s Republic of China) are not accepted by businesses in Taiwan, aside from a few duty-free shops. The exchange rate for your currency will be less favorable at Taiwanese banks, so exchange as much as you need in your home country. But don’t worry, should your spending spree deplete your funds there are numerous internationally recognized banks and ATMS to withdraw from.

2. Season Appropriate Clothing

The climate ranges from tropical in the south to subtropical in the north. Taiwan’s annual average temperature is approximately 22 °C, with lows varying between 12 to 17°C, or 54 to 63°F. While tropical, you can absolutely feel the difference in the seasons so you will need to pack clothing accordingly. In our more general article about how to prepare for a trip to Taiwan we have already detailed which clothing items you need to bring for each of the seasons. View the article here.

3. Adaptors for 110V 60Hz AC

The good news for our U.S. and Canada counterparts, is that Taiwan has the same electrical standard – 110V (voltage) 60Hz (frequency) AC, which means our electrical sockets have the two vertical slots that you’re accustomed to. However, if you’re coming from Europe, Australia or Southeast Asia, you will need to bring an adaptor or transformer. Yes, you can find those here at any electronics store and kiosk, but if only trust those for your less consequential appliances such as electric razors and the like. If charging your smartphone or tablet, bring along a manufacturer suggested adaptor from your neck of the mainland. You don’t want to be concerned about power surges when it comes to your Instagramming tool, which leads us to the next “must have”.

4. ALL the Cameras

There is no island like Taiwan. The blend of impeccable coastlines, mountain ranges, countrysides, temples, and towering cityscapes is unlike anywhere else on the planet. Your smartphone camera may suffice for other trips around the globe, but when it comes to exploring the ins and outs of Taichung, Tainan, Taipei, Kaohsiung, and all surrounding regions you will need every camera you can find. Bring a GoPro and waterproof housing for your underwater experiences, a digital SLR to capture the beauty of our national parks, and free up space on your smartphone for a snapshot of at least five of the 15,000 temples on the island. Of course, you can buy all of the top electronics in tech-centric Taiwan, but to keep things budget-friendly bring every camera you have (and gear) and borrow what else you need from a buddy. Trust us on this one.

5. The Loci Amica App

Last but not least may be the most essential of them all. As mentioned above, you can find pretty much every product and service you can imagine in Taiwan on your own. But when it comes to finding a local guide to help you enjoy the most personal and customized “Taiwan experience” possible, there is only one source – Loci Amica. We connect international travelers such as yourself to trusted, knowledgable, and friendly local guides from all over the island. Click here to view all the exciting Taiwan Tours.